Upcoming & Available GrandElan Litters and Puppies

Here is a list of confirmed matings, available litters, and an approximate timeline for puppies to become available.



Pregnancy confirmed and puppies due around the

29th of August 2019


 (Mambilou Grimsby aka Gatsby)       (GrandElan Tess Ocean)




 A repeat Gatsby x Tess mating has taken place and 4 puppies are expected to be born around the 28th of August 2019


This mating has specifically been orchestrated with both the health and conformation aspects in mind, and we are excited at the prospect of a repeat mating after the awesome pups which they have already produced together. This includes our amazing keeper girl Rebel (GranÉlan Devil in a Red Dress). 


Gatsby weighs around 13kg and Tess is an even 10.0kg, so we find that their puppies tend to fall somewhere in that general range. Both parents have been DNA tested by Orivet Genetics and the offspring will not be affected by any of the diseases which they can currently test for. Tess and Gatsby are both healthy examples of the breed, with fluid movement and good breathing. Neither having had any form of surgery due to a health related issue. 

All of the puppies from their first 2 litters fall within the broader Fawn spectrum of ‘off-white to mahogany’ and their previous puppies can be viewed on Instagram @grandelanfrenchbulldogs scrolling back to the dates of birth 15/12/17 & 27/7/18. Some have their own instagram accounts such as @sid_the_french.ie @myfrenchmoose @piper.the.fawn.frenchie if you would like to check them out. 



Viewings may be arranged after their first vaccination at 6wks of age. Keep up to date with litter pics and info on the instagram page @grandelanfrenchbulldogs. More information and pictures of the parents can be seen on the ‘Our Frenchies’ page and by clicking on the links for either Gatsby or Tess.




Please also note that at this time our frenchie babies are only available with Limited Registry ANKC papers. Limited registry means that our publicly available puppies cannot be entered into ANKC dog shows or bred from, and a contract to desex will apply. I can easily arrange puppy transport via Jetpets to all major Cities within Australia at the buyers expense, with freight from Perth to Melbourne recently costing around $137.00 and Perth to Sydney around $142.00. No puppies will be available to buyers outside of Australia at this point in time. 

Feel free to email or call DogsWest (email: [email protected], ph: (08) 9455 1188), the ANKC's state controlling body in Western Australia, so as to verify my contact details as a financial member, and a registered breeder of French Bulldogs, and as such being bound by their code of ethics. 


Please make contact via the ‘contact us’ page, using my email listed below, or direct message me on Instagram for further information, and don’t forget to stay tuned via instagram by following @grandelanfrenchbulldogs 

Contact Details

Christine Smith

📧 [email protected]

Perth Western Australia