GrandElan French Bulldogs

About GrandElan French Bulldogs

I am an ANKC registered breeder, through DogsWest, and I am located in Perth, Western Australia.

My family absolutely love our little Frenchie clowns who keep us constantly entertained, and I'm sure that you will love them too.

Having owned and bred Bulldog breeds since 1998, and bringing my first Frenchie into our family in 2009, I have come to love and appreciate the wonderful clown-like persona of the French Bulldog. Over the years I have also gained a valuable understanding of the various health issues facing the brachycephalic and chondrodystrophic breeds. 

Through my knowledge, experience and love of French Bulldogs, I strive to breed happy, healthy frenchies, which are true to type, by forethought and prudence of management from an inner-city based program. Presently I am only expecting 3 to 4 GrandElan French Bulldog litters per year. 

My puppies are raised in a loving family home, enjoying constant interaction with people and pooches, stimulating their minds and shaping their blossoming personalities. Every effort is taken to fill their budding lives with cuddles, love and positive experiences from the moment they are born, so that at 8-weeks they are physically and emotionally ready to truly embrace life with their new family. 

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Contact Details

Christine Smith

📧 [email protected]

Perth Western Australia